This book introduce audiences to ongoing trends and challenges in public health and explore how these trends are intertwined and interdependent with the environment.
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Public Health and the Environment:

Uncovering Key Social, Ecological, and Economic Connections

Dr. Edna L. Negron systematically addresses how to promote environmental protection from an integrated and overarching sustainability paradigm for the wellbeing of humankind.

The author describes and illustrates the key connections between the environment and public health by pulling from core topics of multidisciplinary areas—including urban design, energy, housing, and economy—as well as in the health system itself.

The reader can have a better understanding of environmental public health fundamentals, including:

• Ecological and health effects of pollution
• Health in the context of cities and the urban environment
• Housing quality
• Social, environmental, and economic influences on people's health
• Globalization trends
• Sustainable healthcare systems
• Public and environmental health education

The book encourages sharing knowledge and engaging the reader in accountable and diligent actions to the environment, both individually and from a public health perspective.

It makes the case to widening the adoption of sustainability actions across multi-sectorial and interconnected landscapes.

In essence, there is a call for shaping a balance of environmental and economic sustainability to enhance people's health.